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Friday, 19 February 2010

Learning about timing

You would think after almost 3 weeks we would have learned about timing by now!

We went out to Basingstoke today, our 2nd trip there since the girls were born, this one was a good trip out, but we miss timed their feed!

After a quick trip to the doctors this morning to get the dressing changed on the c-section wound (one of the stitches came out!) we headed out to Basingstoke, with changing bag and 4 empty bottles - plus a carton of aptimil and all their spare clothes etc

After going to the stores we had planned to go to, we went to Starbucks for a coffee, however the girls were so fast asleep they weren't ready for their mid morning milky snack! So we had our coffee and left.

About 45 minutes later they woke up! and decided they were HUNGRY! we didn't have a way to warm the bottles so gave them a little at room temp, not good! They didn't really like it at that temperature so we gave up and headed back to the car.

Next stop was Mothercare, which is just outside the town centre, where we found they have bottle warmers in the changing area - nicely done! so we gave them their milk and all was well with their little world again.

Here are a couple more photos that were taken this week.

The family Russell:


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