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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Taking some photos today

I got one of my studio lights out today and decided to take a few pics - it didn't go quite as planned this time, but I know better for next time!

I'm planning on taking shots of the girls with no nappies on, so I got a plastic sheet to place under the soft blanket, which was a good idea as Faith decided to have a wee half way through!

Faith was well behaved other than that and posed beautifully for me, however Emily wasn't having any of it and kept turning her head away and then cried so her pics weren't quite what I was looking for!!

I'm going to try again next week, when I think I will ensure they are asleep before we start taking pictures to get the poses I want!

For now though - here are a couple of the ones I really liked:

Daddy and Emily:

Emily and Faith:

Faith behaving and doing what mummy wanted!

Faith and Emily sleeping together:

Faith and Emily (I love Emily's smile):

Emily's Feet:

And finally a few other pics we have captured that have made us laugh:

Wearing their going out suits - reminds us of Maggie Simpson, poor little things can't move very much in these, but they look so cute!

Emily doesn't want to go in her car seat!!!


Anonymous said...

Aww..they are gorgeous!! The last pic of emily really made me laugh lol..x

Anonymous said...

Aww what beautiful and lovely girls and what gorgeous photos. You must be so proud. Its been so great to follow your blog and ive shown mum and dad the photos of the girls, which they have loved. They have passed on their best wishes and Dad mentioned uncle Malcolm and smiled. You have a lovely journey ahead and even when the little tikes learn the word 'No Mummy!' (like my daughter has) you love them even more.. take care, lots love. Sarah xx