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Monday, 15 March 2010

Breast Feeding

Does anyone else out there with twins feel the same way about this as I do?

I've been breastfeeding the girls since they were born, I believe in giving them a good start and I believe in the goodness (and cheapness) of giving them their mums milk - after all that's what it is there for isn't it?

However, most of the milk has been expressed and given to them in a bottle, and I'm now finding that I don't always have time for this as it can take half an hour or more to express - something that I don't have many of (half an hours spare that is!).

I would have breastfed them right off the boobie, but Faith didn't take to this right away - she only got the hang of it after she was four weeks old, and I'm a stickler for making sure they are getting the right amounts of milk - the easiest way to do this is from a bottle where it can be measured out.

Also Chris needs to help me (especially at night) feed them as it's hard work feeding two babies, plus winding them and doing it on a three hourly cycle.

What annoys me is the attitude of the midwives, the government and the do-gooders who think you should breast feed all the time and do so for six months or more.

Sod off.

The government tell you BF is best - and to encourage you I hear they make rules that say supermarkets can't discount the early baby formula, and you can't get store points on them either - most annoying when you are using two boxes a week and each box is almost £9 a go.

The midwives look at you like you are a bad mother if you say you are not BF all the time and ask you why, and say 'oh but it's best for them dear' - well yes - it might be best for them, but what about the mother's sanity??

I know if I just had one baby I'd be exclusively breastfeeding, but with twins - this is just not so easy to do. I have mastered the art of double feeding them this way - but have found it takes over an hour to do - and less than an hour later - they are both hungry again. Oh and you can't move while you are doing it - not even to answer the door! So do the midwives expect us twin mums to spend all day with babies on both boobs?

So for the record, I'd like to say that I'm proud to have given my girls breast milk for six weeks, and I'm not ashamed to say that I might not be doing it for much longer - it's handy in emergencies to give them a boob to quiet one, but it's not good for keeping two hungry babies full up.

I just wish the government would understand this and let Tesco give me my clubcard points!


Wendy said...

Hi Elly,
I'm amazed that you have been doing it for 6 weeks! I lasted 2 with my twins. I was getting so stressed out about getting nothing done and not even getting much breast milk. My Dr. was supportive and I ran right to Target and bought the best formula (on sale!) that money could buy. They are doing great and growing like weeds.
I say congratulate yourself for making it this far and move on to the formula. It was the best decision I could have made!
Wendy from Maryland

Erin said...

It agree, it is so great you have done it this long..It isn't easy to do it for one baby.. let alone two.. I can only imagine.. and.. really the first few weeks are the most important.. and alot of research has shown that there are quite alot of good things in formulas now.. :)Plus... when you start formula.. they will SLEEP LONGER..;) hehe