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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The next stage of development

Emily and Faith are now six weeks old.

They haven't done very much over the last six weeks except for feeding, pooing, weeing and crying! But they are tiny babies and I know this is totally normal.

I have several books and one tells me that six weeks is the time to expect to see 'real' smiles from them - I'm so looking forward to this very much, I know it's going to make me cry!

So far we have had smiles - but as we know these are caused by wind (something they have lots of!) so they aren't quite real smiles - but it's coming!

I hope to be able to get photos of them smiling as it's just too cute!

I'm also finding that it is hard to entertain two babies at their age as they don't really follow you, we've waved brightly coloured things at them and played musical toys etc but no interest has been shown as yet - they don't have much of an attention span at this age - so I'm also looking forward to being able to get their attention and see them interact with the world around them.

I wonder when that will be!?? It's exciting!

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Deirdre said...

Hi Elly,

Congrsts on the birth of the twins, I found your page by accident (looking for fertility treatment info for my sister) and have been following your progress. When I read your post about smiles it reminded me of waiting for milestones with my first son, born at 33 weeks. I don't think the doctors/nurses agree but most parents of babies even slightly early will say use corrected age when checking milestones, it is only important for the first few weeks for 37 week babies. They are really only 3 weeks old developmentally, or maybe somewhere between their real age & corrected age! Good luck with the feeding - I did 6 weeks of expressing and feeding for 1 baby and it was killing!
Take care Deirdre