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Friday, 12 March 2010

It's been a busy week

I just realised that I haven't posted in almost a week! it has just flown by and already it's Friday again! (which pleases me greatly cos daddy is home for two days!).

I've had a busy week with friends visiting, and also me visiting other twin mum friends, and it's been really nice to have adult company!

I've also taken them into town on my own this week, which wasn't difficult but it was interesting as I had to figure out how to get through doors on my own with the mega pram, and also dealing with the people that constantly stop you in the street to ask you questions about the twins. I'm not the only twin mum that suffers with this - and I say suffers as it becomes a pain after the 400th time!

It seems old ladies and other women are fascinated by twins, and feel it's their duty to stop you and ask you how old they are - are they both girls, is it hard work (or simply tell you that you have your hands full don't you! - no shit!) - and a couple of people have poked at their blankets (which irritates me no end - and makes me want to say "get your dirty hands away from my babies"!!)

It just seems to be the norm now to expect to get stopped at least four times on every trip out - Chris wants to get a t-shirt printed with 'they are girls', 'they are five weeks old', 'yes it is hard work but we love them' and 'no they are not identical' printed on it!

At first it was nice, being the proud parents but when you are trying to get the weekly shopping done it gets a bit much to be stopped every fifteen minutes in Tesco's to answer these questions - again...

So if you happen to see a twin mummy, spare a thought for how many times she has been stopped already today - and if you feel the need to comment, then - 'oh twins, they are very cute' will do just nicely' then walk away and let her get on with her day!

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Erin said...

Love it.. :)Loved reading this rant..:)