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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Parent and baby parking

This is forever going to annoy me, it used to annoy me before we had children as I am one of what feels like a minority of people who 'do the decent thing'.

Why do people think it's OK to park in parent and child spots when they

A) Don't have children at all
B) Have children but didn't bring them with them this time
C) Have children that are clearly old enough to get themselves out of the car
D) Have children with them, but are sitting in the car waiting for their partner to come back

In the last few weeks we have experienced all of the above, and it is really, really irritating, and I feel it is downright ignorant of these people to take up a space when a mother, or family with children in car seats might actually need it!

With twins you really need the extra space these spots give you as it is impossible to get your child's car seat out of the car in a normal width space, you wouldn't park in a disabled spot without a sticker, so why is it OK to park in parent and baby?

I had 'words' with one couple who fell into category B last week, the father agreed he shouldn't have parked there, so why did he? bloody lazy asshole that's why...

Today we saw two lots of people that fell into category D, just sat waiting in the car with their older kids - they could have parked anywhere! but nooooo, they would rather abuse the privilege and use up a space that a mum with a baby could need.

I will say something to these people if I see them, I just wish the car park owners would enforce this more, they cold make a fortune in fines!!!

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