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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Poor babies

We have had a few grizly days here with the girls but I think we now know why.

As a new parent, you worry about everything and know nothing of childhood illnesses. You don't want to be the mum that rushes them to the doctors just because they have a bogey in their nose, but you also don't want to miss something that could be important.

I noticed yesterday that Emily has little white patches inside her mouth, I thought it was milk as she is known to be a little bit sick and it's hard to tell, but a friend today said she thought it was thrush, so we are hoping to get them into the doctors tomorrow to get it checked out. We tried to get her in today, but our doctors only take appointments same day, so we have to call them at 8am and take the lottery chance that we can get them in to see someone.

They have also been suffering a little with wind, so we tried a new product called Colief, it worked wonders and they seem happier with it in their milk, trouble is it is £11 a bottle, and the bottle is tiny. It lasted just 3 days...

I will also ask the doctor tomorrow if we can get that on a prescription, otherwise it's going to be an expensive month!

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