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Monday, 3 May 2010

Faith's first word?

OK, I know she is only three months old, but I swear this is true (I have witnesses!).

We have had some trouble with the girls over the last week or so getting them to feed, with the thrush, I'm sure it has given them both a sore throat, and the inside of their mouth and lips also looks sore.

To deal with this we have been giving them their milk 'cool', rather than 'warm' but it has still been a fight at times to get them to take it without screaming.

However, we have noticed that Faith has learned a word! It seems you can offer her the bottle at times and she refuses it - but when she gets upset and she is really hungry, she will say 'ungee ungee' and it really sounds like she is saying hungry hungry - then takes the bottle!

This has now happened on several occasions over the last three days - is she really that clever!!??

1 comment:

Elaine Thompson MUM said...

I think she is!!!!!!