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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The girls are 4 months old

I can hardly believe that my two little tiny girls are already four months old, they are growing so fast and developing new skills all the time. Both of them are now able to hold toys and are reaching out for things in front of them, I don't think they have full control yet as their arms are often wobbly but they are getting there!

We have now switched their milk to the pre-mixed cartons and it seems to be better for them than the powder, although typically it costs almost twice as much at about £30 a week to feed them both. I'm glad we will be weaning them very soon.

I have already tried both girls with some baby rice, little Faith didn't really know what to do with it and kept pushing it out of her mouth with her tongue, and Emily likes it but hasn't quite got the hang of swallowing a mouthful, so half of it ends up down her chin!

They are much more active during the day now too, both wanting lots of attention and cuddles!

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