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Friday, 14 May 2010

My babies are growing!

We went to weigh in yesterday as I haven't been for a couple of weeks, Emily now weighs 11lb 12ozs and Faith weighs 10lb 10ozs! They are now more than double what they weighed when they were born and are now onto their third size sleep suits (they finally fit into 0-3 months!).

We also made a big change for them this week, as they are now getting so big, they were beginning to fill their Moses baskets and there wasn't much space. They both like to sleep with their arms either above their heads or straight out to the side which leaves little room for them and scraped fingers!

So last night we put them into their big girl cots for the first time. To be honest we were expecting them to give us a hard time in settling them down, but other than the usual crying/carrying on that they do before bedtime they were really good.

Faith usually takes longer to settle than Emily who just zonks right out every night! We usually have to take it in turns to run upstairs a few times to replace a discarded dummy (pacifier) but by 9pm they are usually both sound asleep and will stay that way till morning (6 ish).

Tonight is their second night and so far so good, it's 9pm now and they have both been sound asleep since 8.30 awwwwww.

Here are a few new pics of my gorgeous girls.

Faith in her cute cardigan:

Emily in the sling:

Emily looking cute:

Action shot!

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