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Monday, 31 May 2010

Taking the girls swimming

As someone who loves swimming, I've been keen to get the girls into a proper swimming pool since they were born! We have put them in the bath with us a few times to get them used to the sensation of floating around in deeper water than their little baby bath - and the trials generally went well!

So recently we bought them some swim nappies and a couple of different swim suits, plus Aunty Tracy bought them a set of two piece suits - we took a picture of them wearing their suits for your amusement!

So today was the big day, we thought we would get much crying, but they actually enjoyed it quite a lot, Emily cried a little at first, but I think that was more because the water was colder than expected!

We stayed in the little pool with them for about 40 minutes, floating them around and letting them watch all the other kids playing.

Getting out wasn't as much fun, we took towels for them to the pool side so they didn't get cold, and the pool has a family room to change in, but only one baby change station with no-where to put the other child! So I stood around freezing my ass off with Emily all wrapped up in a huge towel, while Chris stood around freezing his ass off while getting a screaming Faith dried and dressed, he then had to stand and hold her (still wearing his wet trunks!) while I got a now crying Emily dried and dressed, then myself dressed - Chris could then hand Faith to me and get dressed himself.

They have two family rooms there - next time I think we will take one each, it will be much smoother!

Lessons learned! We all had fun though and the girls are worn out now, time to go and feed them and put them to bed :)

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Anonymous said...

Very cute swimsuits! Your girls are adorable! So happy for you and Chris!
My son, Dylan Thomas Holland was born on 16th February via c-section. Unfortunately, due to respiratory stress disorder we had to have him airlifted to a neonatal intensive care unit. This meant that I was separated from him for a week before I could get to be with him. The doctors did not want me to travel because of the surgery. I cried my eyes out every day, but my little man is as healthy as can be! His nurses were absolutely wonderful in the NICU! I cried so much when I finally got to see him! The nurse could see me trying to hold back my tears and she was so sweet - she told me that it was okay to go ahead and cry - a perfectly normal reaction under the circumstances!
Elly, I hope you and Chris continue to enjoy your 2 beautiful girls! You deserve a lifetime of happiness with your lovely bundles!
Take good care!
your fellow Shady Grove patient