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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Food and Laughter

Two of life's most wonderful things! Both of which have been enjoyed this week by both girls.

I'm now giving them 'breakfast' in the mornings which so far has been 6-10 or so spoons each, much of which gets pushed back out and dribbles down their chins resulting in a spectacular mess - but today Emily got the hang of it a little better and ate most of the bowl! Faith is also getting better at it, but she thinks its funny so smiles a lot - meaning you can't get the spoon in her mouth!

I also had both of them laughing yesterday for the first time also :) Faith gets quite excited sometimes and sort of laughs, but with a few silly faces, tunes and much arm waving (me waving their arms) I had several giggles from them, sadly it was 15 minutes before daddy came home, and by the time he arrived they were all laughed out.

They are such a joy.

We are off to another wedding this weekend with them, this will be their second! We bought them lovely dresses to wear but Emily wee'd on hers 20 minutes in, and it was so hot we decided to take faith out of hers too, but we did manage to get 1 photo of Emily in hers!

There are a few other photos and a little video for you too:

Emily in her posh dress:

Some video from the wedding - Emily in her dress and Daddy with Faith (trying to stop her from crying!)

Holding hands.... awwwww.

Sat on the sofa:

Emily enjoying the swing lent to us by Aunty Tracy:

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Erin said...

The video is very cute.. it seems she is focused on how the dress feels..:) And that rocking back and forth, that Chris is doing.. :) even when the girls are older.. you will find yourself doing that for no reason..:)