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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Being a busy mum

I don't get all that much time on my PC these days, I can grab a little here and there when the girls are napping or watching a little TV, but it's always a toss up between sitting on the computer reading facebook, or sorting out the laundry/dishes/bottles/hoovering/cleaning etc that also needs doing! I know I'd rather be sat looking at Facebook, but the house won't clean itself (damn!).

But I have to say I love it, being a mum is everything I knew it would be and more, it is hard work, tiring but also watching them grow has been so amazing so far, and now they are just starting to really develop new skills every day. Also to see their differences starting to show.

Emily is still a little ahead of Faith, she seems to do everything first, but Faith watches and is soon having a go herself!

Emily loves to hold thing in her hands, she looks at them, examines the detail and takes her time, Faith just thrashes about and it ends up on the floor!

They both love porridge now and we are starting to introduce new foods, I'll write more about this another day, but weaning is upon us!

Both girls can now roll both ways, Faith still gets herself stuck, but is getting better at it now!

And the drooling has increased somewhat too, I guess their little teeth are getting ready to make an appearance! They are going to look so cute.

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