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Monday, 26 July 2010

Trying different foods

When they were about 5 months old, I started giving them some baby rice, or porridge in the mornings, we tried all the different flavours!

For the last week or so I've upped their dinners to include lunch, and they are now trying a variety of vegetables, and some puddings too.

I went out and bought the Annabel Karmel book last week so it's time to get the blender out and start making some yummy food for them as they are now almost 6 months old!

Today we tried a little avocado mashed and mixed with a drop of their milk, this did not go down well at all! The look on both of their faces was hilarious - it looked like they were thinking "OMG mum you just put dog poo in my mouth!" - they spat it out and refused any more.

So then we tried mixed vegetables, Faith refused to let much into her mouth, however the apple and strawberries they had for pudding went down well with both!

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