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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Twins are expensive!

We don't usually think about the things that they need, we just get them - but sometimes I stop and think about the cost of it all and how much we spend on them each week.

I'm not talking about the cost of toys or clothes, or things like door bouncers, I'm talking about food, nappies and milk!

When they were 2-3 months old they seemed to have a problem with the aptamil milk we were giving them. It was the powdered type and they screamed a lot after we fed them, so we switched to the pre made milk and it made a huge difference.

The pre-made milk is £1.07 for a 500ml carton and they use one per feed. They were on 4 per day, but now we are weaning this seems to be 3 a day now - so £3.21 a day in milk.

They are eating porridge for breakfast mixed with 1 little fruit pot each - the fruit pots are 42p each and the porridge works out to be about 20p per meal each so £1.24 for brekkie.

Lunch is usually a jar of something from the organix range at 65p per jar - one will feed both kids at the moment followed by a fruit pot or other dessert between them - another £1.20 for lunch.

Dinner is something I've puréed so this one is pretty much free - although I still have to buy the carrots, potatoes, apples, pears etc...

I estimate we go through 6-8 nappies each per day (sometimes more!) at 12p per nappy so about £1.68 a day in nappies.

so daily we are probably spending approx £7.33 on their basic needs. My calculator tells me this is £51.31 a week - it's a good job they get a whole £30 a week child benefit between them!

Oh, here is my new favourite photo of Emily!

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