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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Weigh in today

I took the girls up to the weigh in today and they are getting to be little porkies!

Emily now weighs 15lb and 13ozs, and Faith now weighs 14lbs 6 1/2 ozs! its seems Emily has gained a few extra ounces over Faith - which is probably down to the fact that she eats just about everything you give her while Faith is a lot more picky and doesn't want as much.

I'm really enjoying watching their development now as they are starting to learn new things, seeing the concentration on Emily's face when you give her a new thing to hold and play with, while she turns it around in her hands and examines every bit (before shoving it in her mouth!) - while Faith will just shake things and throw them on the floor.

Emily can put her own soother back in her mouth now, and loves to help guide the milk bottle away and towards her while she gurgles at it!

Faith gets more frustrated, she will lie on the floor for a few minutes quite happily, but gets very annoyed when she can't move herself or her head gets too heavy!

I guess the fun starts here!

I took them on the swings the other day when I went to the park with a friend - I think they enjoyed it - hard to tell as I couldn't see their faces, but I did get a couple of pics:)

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