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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Oh how things change!

It's been a busy few weeks, first off my PC died, which is why there are no updates - my pc is fairly new so I had to send it back to the manufacturer, it was collected just before the bank holiday weekend and finally ready to send back to me two weeks later - only they sent it to the wrong address - again over a weekend, so it got sent back to them and finally three weeks after it was collected I got it back only to find that when the motherboard blew - it took my graphics card with it :( This now means I have to waste time getting refunds and ensuring I get it fixed!

The girls are coming along great though, so much is happening right now - their development is so interesting to watch.

They are both now given different foods at mealtimes, they still get their purée but I also give them cheese, strawberries, bread sticks, rice cakes, toast, raspberries and other tasty snacks that they can suck the life out of!

Emily copes really well, you can place the food on her high chair tray and she will pick it up and eat it, or smoosh it all around and make Emily art, then eat it!

Faith isn't so good - she will pick things up and also put things in her mouth, but she's not keen on swallowing anything even vaguely lumpy. She spits out breadsticks when they break off, the same with cheese, but if you dip the bread stick in philadelphia cheese she loves it! (still won't eat the bread stick bits though!).

They are both able to get themselves right up onto their hands and knees now and can rock themselves backwards and forwards - getting ready to crawl and cause chaos. Faith likes it more though when she lies on her tummy and 'humps the floor'.

The best thing that has happened recently though is them learning to say a word.

They have been doing it for about a week now - but they can both say 'mama' (although Faith sometimes says baba instead - could be trying to say dada?).
The first time they did it - it made me cry.

I can't believe that there are two little people that call me mama - it's the most amazing feeling in the world. I'm so proud.

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Anonymous said...


You brought a little tear to my eye too! The christening photos and the things you said about hearing your daughters give you your right and proper title - Mama - made me think again of your long journey to this moment right here and now: Mama Elly!

I check in every so often to see how you're doing. Delighted that your girls are thriving. It's wonderful to see.

All good wishes as always from Vancouver,

Jane and family