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Sunday, 7 November 2010

In America with the girls!

It's been ages since I wrote in here - things have been really busy as we are currently on holiday in America - we are here for two weeks to let the girls meet Pat and Walt's family and to go back to Shady Grove to say thank you.

We went to Shady Grove a few days ago and also did a follow up interview with the local paper - we made headline news yesterday with a front page story!

You can read the story online here, but we were slap bang on the front page of the printed edition :)

They also took a few pics - here's the one they used:

We are having a great time so far, mostly out shopping at the different malls - so far we've really only bought things for the children - I must remember to look out for some clothes for myself too!

The flight wasn't too bad, they slept through a part of it in the cots that were provided, and sat on our laps playing the rest - the sitting on the runway for 2 hours before an 8 hour flight wasn't the most fun though!

We are planning a couple of day trips over the next few days before we head home - Chris and Walt are off to a Ravens game tomorrow and we have all the family coming for lunch.

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