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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

What's been going on!

I can't believe it's been two months since my last post. I have been rather busy though so I'll try to fill you in.

The girls are doing really well, they have grown so much in the last two months it's scary! They are still not walking, although Faith will often stand on her own and play with toys without holding on to anything, and will push her plastic chair around while walking, she won't actually take steps on her own! I think Faith is waiting for Emily to show her how as Emily has decided in the last 2 days that she wants to try to walk, and will happily toddle several steps between me and Chris (although it sometimes ends in her flinging herself at you!)

Their speech development is amazing to watch, I wrote a list the other day of all the things they can say, and recognise (and try to say) and was surprised to see how many things are now on that list.

Words that they can both say clearly, include: apple (Emily's all time favourite word), bear, ball, fish, elmo, bye bye, and yeah, they also attempt to say (but haven't perfected) shoe, flower, dog, frog, balloon, banana, cheesy, bird, and spoon. Emily can also say Peppa Pig (Faith says Peepee), and Faith also says ning ning which means no!

They are really quite comical these days, getting into all sorts, tipping the clothes pegs on the floor is a great and frequent game, and playing at tea parties is a new discovery too. Faith has a new drum kit that their nanna and grandad bought them, and she thinks it's wonderful!

You can see her playing with her new drum kit on You Tube!

I also posted another video to YouTube recently of Emily telling me what her favourite computer manufacturer was. You can see that here.

As for me, I'm thinking about what I'm going to do over the next few years while the girls are still small and out of school, I want to do something that isn't in the office all day as this means I can't be around them as they just press buttons, tip the bin over, pull things off the shelves and rummage through the drawers full of deadly and dangerous stationary (Faith eats pens, and everything goes in her mouth, Emily likes pressing buttons, so often tries to turn off my pc with the big shiny silver button!).

So one day while baking some cupcakes I had an idea! It has progressed through several things in the last two months, but a firm plan has been formulated and the wheels are in motion for a new business launch in a couple of months time! I'm excited about it, and it means that once it gets going I can still be home for the girls. Watch this space!

That has pretty much sucked up every spare ounce of time I have, which is already limited when you take into account all the other stuff I do, and how little spare time you actually get once the kids are gone to bed!

I will try to post more often, there is so much they are doing daily now, I should keep you posted!

Emily and Faith enjoying their tea party:

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