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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, 12 December 2011

22 months old now!

Being a busy mum of twins is never easy, it just doesn't leave me with much time to do the things I used to enjoy doing, like writing in my blog!

It seems weird sometimes as I'm not doing IVF any more, and this blog started out as my IVF diary, and I can assure you that after 9 tries we will NOT be doing it again!

As for the girls, well they are growing up fast. I do keep a daily diary to hand and note down all the funny things that they say or do that day, most days I try to write one or two things in there, so I can look back in years to come and giggle.

Here are a few of the things that have amused me lately:

Faith to daddy "Daddy I can hear an aeroplane in my ears!"

Me to Emily "Emily what are you doing" (she was crawling around on the floor) She replied "We're being wiggly worms".

When Faith made a mess on the floor I said to her "Oh dear, do you think we should get the sweeper and clean it up?" She ran off to get the sweeper saying "good idea mummy, good idea!".

They both love music and singing, and are always trying to sing along with what they hear, Faith knows Twinkle twinkle, and Emily does all the actions to wheels on the bus!

You can see Faith singing (well shouting this time!) twinkle twinkle here

They also know all their colours well now, and can just about name any colour, even when it's a different shade, and Emily is starting to repeat her ABC's.

We are just starting to get into Christmas, they don't really understand yet what it's all about, but they now recognise father christmas and very much enjoy opening their advent calendars every day and eating the chocolate!

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