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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, 27 September 2012

I'm a terrible blogger!

No actually that's not true, I just never have the time anymore!

Right now I'm sat in the dark, huddled over my iPhone while repeatedly telling Faith to lie down. Emily is already asleep and mummy needs a cup of coffee!!!

Life these days is fairly chaotic, and it doesn't seem to stop. The twins are just over 2 and a half now and they are quite the whirlwind on their own.

Both of them never stop talking, they play games and tell each other stories all day long! Life is never dull!

I'm also busy running the cake Makery, which is doing really well after its first anniversary! We have just launched an app for our followers to use, and we are working on an exciting new website to launch next year which will bring our teaching into every home!

This of course means that as husband and wife, Chris and I get little time together that doesn't involve children or work! But we manage and thrive on what we do, and if you read this blog from the start, you will know that we aren't the type of couple to give up and sit down!!!

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