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Friday, 19 January 2007

A little better today - 21 weeks!

We had quite a lot of fluid loss yesterday and overnight, so the last 24 hours have been pretty tough for us, we spent most of the day in tears convinced that BB wasn't going to make it, as I was in the loo every hour losing more fluid.

Things seems to be a little better today and not had very much loss, I don't know if this is because I lost it all yesterday and there isn't any left, or that it has healed up a bit as I had my mum around last night and she gave me some healing, so today things are a little brighter.

We went to the hospital this morning and they are sticking to the scan next weds, they didn't see the point in doing one today as still they can't do anything. so I had my blood tests and they also took a swab as they are still checking for signs of infection. We just need to pray (and I'm not religious!) that the water I'm drinking passes to BB and he wee's a lot to make more fluid.

I can't believe we are still hanging in there, this is probably the worst thing we have ever had to cope with and remember that I've had a miscarriage and 2 ectopics so we have lost 3 pregnancies before, but in comparison this is so much harder as I have already felt this little one moving inside me, and we have seen him/her on scans. Somehow it feels like we have so much more to lose.

We are doing our best to stay strong though as BB is holding on and needs us to be positive and to never give up hope.

Please let us get through the next 3 weeks so at least the medical teams will see him/her as a viable baby and will try to save BB if he/she comes early...

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