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Monday, 16 July 2007

Egg collection is confirmed for Wednesday

Went to the hospital again today for the last scan, I was really nervous this morning as I didn't know if the extra vial of Menopur had done any good, but it seems it has had some effect as the follies had grown some. I now have:

Left side: 5 follicles: 21, 17, 16, 11, 10
Right side: 3 follicles: 19, 12, 10

This isn't as good as I had hoped, and part of me thought that they would continue to stim me for longer, but it seems that they are happy with this and the nurse today seemed to think that we could get 4 eggs from these.

As far as I remember they like the follicles to be over 20mm to produce a good mature egg, so I hope that we will get something decent on Wednesday otherwise I'm just going to feel like this has been a waste of money - and as most things have gone up in price since last time, that will just annoy me more, and of course leave me in tears!

So please keep everything crossed for us. I will be at Woking for 7am on Wednesday, and they will do the operation at 8.30am which means I should be home sometime in the afternoon.

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