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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

I don't think this has worked :(

We did a test this morning. It came back as a negative :(

We have both been so hopeful that this IVF would work for us, and that we would be pregnant again, but sadly I don't think that it has. Usually if you test 2 days early you will get a result that will tell you what is going on - last time I tested 2 days early it came up positive (also a lot of my FF friends test early and they get their results too).

A friend of mine who lost twins last year had her embryos transferred on the same day as me also tested today and she got a positive (congrats to her!) so for us I'm sure this is over.

I feel gutted. I don't even know how to describe the empty feeling and the despair. Chris is too. We were so hoping that this would be our time.

Once again we are back at square one, facing another £4000 gamble and more heartbreak.

I pray that something will change in the next 2 days and we will get a late positive, but I'm not hopeful now.

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