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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Day One!

Well yesterday was day one - today is actually day two!!

I went to Woking yesterday for my baseline scan as my period arrived when I woke up (nice timing this month!) - what a day I had - I arrived for my 1pm appointment and it was empty so I got the scan done fairly quick - then I ended up waiting 20 minutes to see the nurse who came in to give me my tx plan and drug prescriptions, it went downhill from there.....

First she got the dates wrong on the drug form (the one that tells you when to take X and Y) as she started the Menopur on day three - when it's meant to be day two - so she had to fill the form in again - then she got the dosage wrong - I have been increased to 375 up from 225 - which she hadn't noticed so my prescription was for the 30 menopur package when it should have been the 45 one - so another form had to be filled in.

It's a good job I spotted this as they give you a bit of a discount for buying the packages, so If I'd not noticed and taken the smaller one it would have ended up costing us more money to buy the extra 20 vials that we would have needed!

So, after double and triple checking everything (because by now I just didn't trust her) I went to the pharmacy to get the drugs and they informed me that they didn't have any Cetrotide in! So I have to go back today to get it (as it has now been delivered). There were 2 other ladies there waiting for Cetrotide too - one of whom takes hers at 6am so she HAD to get some yesterday - I hope she managed to get it sorted out.

So the upshot is I start Menopur tonight - 2 jabs for me this time as I'm on 5 a day!!! It looks like egg collection will be 17th September.

This isn't the only annoying part about yesterday though - I also went to the doctors as I have a ear infection - I was given a prescription for two things and when I got to the pharmacy they also told me they only had one in - so I have to go back there today as well!

Thank god Monday is over...

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Drowned Girl said...

Lucky you're on the ball!