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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The injections were OK

Last night we did the first of the Menopur injections, this is the one where we have to do it in two jabs as you can only mix a maximum of 3 vials with the water (and I'm on 5 a day!).

Chris mixed them up as usual (he's quite the expert now!) and we did them at 8pm. They didn't really hurt that bad, a little stinging when the liquid is pushed in, but it's bearable - just as long as Chris doesn't decide to stab me again this time - but we'bve had words so it won't happen again (will it Chris??!!).

Tomorrow morning we will also be adding the Cetrotide jab to the daily routine as I need that to stop me ovulating too soon, so I went back to the hospital yesterday to collect this (as per Monday's blog!) only to find when I arrived it was shut for lunch!

I'm glad I had my Nintendo DS with me - thankfully I didn't have to wait that long. I also had words with the senior nurse about the lady I had seen the day before, so hopefully she won't do that to anyone else.

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