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Monday, 17 September 2007

OMG - We got TEN eggs!!!!!

Yep it's true - we actually got ten eggs collected today - the most we have ever had!!! (we had 5, 5 then 2 before). So as you would expect we are thrilled!!!

We now have to wait until tomorrow to speak to the hospital to see how many have fertilised, then we should in be for embryo transfer on Thursday.

It's been one of those days in the hospital today - we left the house at 6.30am as we have to be there for 7am - we only just arrived in time as the traffic on the M3 this morning was a nightmare - I had no idea that so many people would be heading for London at that time!

I went for my usual scan at 7.45am to make sure that the follicles were still there, and all was well - I didn't get the numbers this time as I forgot to ask for the bit of paper, but from memory we had at least three that were measuring 28 and one at 29! so they had been on a growth spurt over the last few days.

I was due to go down to the operating theatre at 9am, but at 8.10am the porter came in and started to get me ready - when I asked him why I was so early (as they are usually a few minutes late), he said that I'd been bumped up from 5th in the queue to 2nd! and that he had been instructed to get me down as fast as he could! I guess they were worried that I was close to ovulation, so they didn't take any chances on losing the eggs.

Once we were done I was wheeled back up to the room while they did the usual checks, lots of blood pressure monitoring etc which was all fine, then they brought us the standard issue sandwich, which once again they managed to screw up!

I didn't mention this last month, but as it's happened twice now, I'm going to moan about it on here anyway! - basically the last time we were in, the lady who deals with the food came in and asked us what we wanted to order (you get soup and a choice of five different sarnies) - She said "I'll fill in the form for you" so we trusted that she'd do it with no problems - after all there are only 2 boxes to tick - what filling you want and if you want white or brown bread. Not exactly rocket science.

So when the food arrived last time, I was annoyed to find that the white bread I'd asked for was actually brown! Seems filling in the form was a tad difficult for her.

So this time when she came in and asked what we wanted I piped up with "Egg mayo on WHITE bread please, and soup" - now I actually stressed the WHITE part so she'd get it. Guess what we got! Yup - egg mayo on BROWN bread. Really - it's not too much to ask to get what you ordered is it? So I sent it back...

Anyway - it's getting late, I'm extremely tired and still very sore, so I'll finish up here and post some more tomorrow - I'll update the blog when I know the results of the fertilisation.

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Drowned Girl said...

10 eggs. That's great. Hoping they're getting smoochy in the dish now!