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Sunday, 9 December 2007

IVF Update!

We went to Woking on Friday as it was our follow up appointment after the last IVF.

After talking with MrR, we are now thinking about doing our frozen Embryo Transfer in January BEFORE we go to the US!

It wasn't much of a decision really, we only have 3 frosties (frozen embryos) on ice, and we have a high risk that they won't make it through the thaw (this is common), so we asked if it was possible to do a natural cycle.

This is like a normal frozen cycle, but instead of me taking lots of drugs before hand, I'm going to do it with my natural cycle, so there will be tests to see when I'm ovulating naturally but this is done like a pregnancy test with urine so thats nice and easy!

So in simple terms, they will monitor my cycle in January, follow the development of my ovulation and then thaw the embryos on the day that they would naturally have moved into my uterus and pop them in!

It also means that if they don't make it through the thaw we haven't paid for the drugs and wasted out money. However it does cost to have a frozen transfer, but thankfully only 1/4 of a normal IVF cycle!

It's a long shot, and the odds are lower than a fresh cycle where I'm having eggs collected - but if it works it will save us a LOT of money!

We could wait and save them till after we have done the US trips, but I feel that as they are risky I'd rather try it now and not be disappointed in the future if it doesn't work.

This plan might put our US trip back by 1 month if it doesn't work but we both feel it's worth trying the frosties before we commit to over £10,000 of treatment!

Roll on January...

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Drowned Girl said...

That sounds sensible... and it COULD work!!