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Monday, 28 January 2008

Day 28 of my cycle

OK for the guys reading this, it might be TMI, but what the hell, you have had girlfriends/wives right?

Today is day 28 of my monthly cycle, and I'm a regular 28 day girl, so today is scary pants day as normally I'd be due to get my period today/tomorrow.

To say I'm shitting myself is an understatement - I'm more nervous now than I've ever been as I'm doing this without the aid of fertility drugs (well except for the extra progesterone I'm having at the moment), which means that my body has to do it's thing and recognise that there are embryos in there trying to embed in - and it must NOT decide that today is a good day to shed the lining and make me have a period.

I am praying that this works. Just a few more days, pleeeeease - give Pinky and Perky time to settle in.

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