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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

I don't even know where to start

Since my last post things have gone slightly mental!

It all started on Saturday night. I was up working late on a video editing project, and me being me I was still up at 2am working on it. At this point in time Chris was still up with me and everything was great (except for a little tiredness!), so I finished up for the night and we went to bed.

3am, I was just dropping off to sleep when Chris sat up screaming in pain! It took me about three minutes to establish that he actually had quite serious pain in his kidneys and we didn't know why (I thought he had cramp in his leg or something!).

By 6am it hadn't gone away, neither of us had slept, Chris was being violently sick and we weren't sure what to do (we didn't know why he was getting this and I think he thought it would go away). He went downstairs and tried to get back to sleep for an hour but it didn't work so I decided it was time to call someone.

We called the out of hours GP number, who put us through to the hospital, who told us to come in for 9am, so we drove up to Frimley as fast as I could go, as by this point Chris had deteriorated quite a lot, he had no colour in his skin, his temperature had dropped to 35.6c and he was still being sick and in agony.

When we got to the Frimley care trust, they gave him an injection in his bum (I'm not grinning! lol) which would eventually help with the pain, and we had to get him admitted in through A&E, he was sent for X-rays so they could see if he had stones in his kidneys and after 6 hours we finally got him admitted onto the ward.

What a nightmare! Once he was admitted I had to come home and get straight to work as I still had many hours of video editing ahead of me and a non movable deadline!

I'm not quite sure how we have coped over the last few days. Chris is home now, but I only finished my project late tonight and I've had so little sleep since Saturday I actually don't know what day it is (I have been convinced all day it's Thursday!).

Chris is a little better now, it seems he may have passed the kidney stone/s (which is probably what all the pain was about) so he's thankfully now in recovery mode but still in a lot of pain.

So I'm off to bed now - I have another busy day tomorrow with photo editing this time, then I'm taking a few days off!

Oh - I went to the Clinic on Monday - no sign of ovulation so I'm back there again tomorrow morning for another scan...

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