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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Update on the frozen embryo transfer

Yeah yeah, I know I've been really bad at keeping this up to date! But I've had a big project on with work since I got back after New year and with and another project that has also been restarted for a client of ours so busy doesn't even come close! On top of being busy, both myself and Chris have had flu since New Year which has just been awful, so I have many excuses!

Anyway, back to the update! I went for my scan on Friday morning and we found that I have a follicle on the left which is 11mm and one on the right which is 9mm - still too small for ovulation, so I'm going back on Monday to have another scan so they can see if we are any closer. They also measured the lining of my womb at 6.6mm - and it needs to be 8mm so a little more growth there please!!!

I will update again on Monday as I'm hoping they will be able to give me a date for the transfer, but at a guess I'm thinking it could be Thursday/Friday!

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