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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, 28 March 2008

I am in America!!!

It's real, it's happening and I'm here!

It's been a funny few days, I got to the airport at around 8am yesterday, stood in a long line and finally got to the desk - and got an upgrade for free from Economy to economy plus - not much of a benefit other than an extra 5 inches of leg room which I was grateful for. It also seems that if you want anything alcoholic then you are expected to pay $5 for it!!

While at the airport I was given access to one of the Business Lounges (thanks Angie!) which was great as it was quiet and the coffee/snacks were free:)

The flight was fairly uneventful although the food was awful and completely inedible - We are traveling with United Airlines this time as we had air miles that needed using, I can honestly say that I probably won't use them again by choice as BA are much nicer.

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