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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Just over a week to go!

I haven't written much the last week as I'm really busy with work things and trying to get a lot done before I go, I will of course be working while I'm there as I can't just take 3 weeks out and not earn anything! also not much news to report as we are now just waiting to go.

There have been other things going on too - for example we had a leak in the kitchen that has buggered up the floor - so we called in the house insurance people to get it sorted. So far it's moving very slowly - it took them over a week to come out to me in the first place, then they sent a track and trace guy who was here last Monday, after calling Asprea every single day (Asprea are the contractors not the insurance company) I finally found out yesterday that they have now finished the report, it only took them more than a week.

This is the state that the contractor left my kitchen in - nice eh!

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