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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Back to the real world

And so the shit starts to stick again - how come you can go away and everything can be fantastic for 3 weeks, then when you get home everything turns to crap?

We flew home yesterday, the flight was pretty awful - but then United Airlines always were, the only good thing was that this flight was pretty much free (airmiles) so I don't feel I can complain much, but their service sucks. The food was once again the worst I've ever tasted (I always take sarnies now) and the movies were not as advertised in the magazine they give you. Sigh.

As for today, well I have horrendous back ache this morning so that started the day badly.

So it's on with the day and sorting out things that were happening while I was away:

1. Plantronics headset - the new one I bought recently was faulty so I sent it back before I went away - the one they have sent back to me isn't the same one I sent to them - so that was my first phone call today. They will hopefully send me the right one now, but that's another 5 days wasted because of some idiot who didn't pay attention.

2. I went to copy my email back over to my desktop pc from the portable drive I took with me - the drive won't read on my desktop or my laptop now - so I've just lost 3 weeks worth of email - so if you have mailed me while I was away - please resend it!

3. So I carried on and downloaded new email since Sunday - to find out that the clinic have only frozen 2 of the remaining 10 embryos - with no explanation of what happened to the others - I'm going to have to write and complain about my nurse as I have had a few issues with her over the course of this treatment, so there is another joy for me.

4. My floor - it's still not fixed and the company dealing with it are all idiots and don't know what's going on - so now I'm waiting for their call back.

All this and it's only 9.30am.....

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