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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

It's all over for this go :(

I'm sorry to report that I got my period this morning and also the test we did was negative (we have done a couple of sneaky ones this week which were all negative so we knew it was coming).

I'm disappointed as we had such good embryos, but we also know from experience that the quality of the embryos has NO bearing on whether they will implant, as I know ladies who have gotten pregnant from poor quality ones and I've also known other ladies who like me haven't gotten pregnant from excellent quality ones.

There isn't really an explanation for this - they simply didn't stick (implant). I don't think there is anything that anyone can do to make this part happen - it's down to mother nature to do her thing, and this time she let me down.

We are now planning to go back to America for round #2 around the end of July and into August, again with much to arrange like the cats and the flights and the dates! we don't know exactly when yet - but it will happen!

I remind myself of this today:


Anonymous said...

So sorry to see your news. Words probably don't help much so sending big hugs to you both.
Minow x

Anonymous said...


I've been following your journey (in every sense of the word) and was so hoping that all your travels and efforts and optimism would pay off. I'm so sorry to read this post this morning.

But, you know, you can't lose your optimism - it won't go away and I applaud your determination and tenacity. Be good to yourself, thinking of you,


Peanut's mom said...

Hugs and preggy germs from Belize.

Anonymous said...

Oh Ellie - I've been reading lots and you have both been in our thoughts. So sorry this time wasn't ment to be, but hoping that 'ding ding round 2' is your lucky number! (((hugs)))

Deb (Charlies Mum)

Anonymous said...

Elly & Chris, U'll already both know that we're gutted for you :-(
I KNOW the 2 of you WILL get there, & when you do, your little one/ones will be all the more special for the story of their creation. Looking fwd 2 seeing u Tues x x