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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Egg Collection day is done!

Everyone was up at 5am this morning so we could leave at 5.30 for Rockville - it's about an hours drive from here and the traffic around the Washington DC beltway resembles that of the M25 on a god day! so we made sure we got there ahead of the traffic.

Once again I have to say how impressed with Shady grove I am. The nurses are great and the treatment is done with such ease it hardly feels like you are in there.

In the UK when they put a cannula in your arm for the drip they simply shove the great big needle in and push it as far as they can, having had this done many many times now I can say that it ALWAYS hurts.

However Shady Grove gave me a tiny little injection in my arm first which you don't feel, and it numbs the area so when he puts the cannula in you don't feel a thing. Just brilliant. I only wish the nurse at Frimley hospital that tried 4 times over both arms knew about this!

Then at 9.15am they walked me you into the egg collection room I laid down on the bed with the leg stirrups and was given a nice woozy med before the anaesthetic, which feels really nice!

20 minutes later I was back in my room and waking up, and by 10am I was leaving the hospital to go and get some breakfast!.

The result was we got 12 eggs!! which is brilliant, the same last last time and it gives us a great start.

We will know tomorrow how many of our eggs fertilised, I'm hoping for 6-8 as this is the average, based on % although last time all of them did, so here's hoping!

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