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Saturday, 27 December 2008

How was your Christmas?

My Christmas day was pretty crap really, I spent the whole day on the sofa with a terrible sore throat, coughing and other flu like symptoms. The worst part was feeling like I'd been hit by a truck which just left me lethargic and run down.

Myself and Chris didn't buy any presents for each other this year instead we are as usual saving the bulk of our ca$h for IVF this year. I'm hoping the one in February works so we can think about updating our old and badly decorated (not our doing!) bathroom!

Boxing day was much better, I woke up feeling partially human, still had the sore throat and cough, but no longer felt achy and full of pains, so that was great, I could get off the sofa!

So we spent the afternoon with Family at my Aunt's, I got to see my nan, my mum, her sister, and their kids and my brother was also there so that was lovely.

Today we are back home I'm still full of cough and sore throat, but with added sinus problems and full of cold.

Happy Fecking Christmas.....

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