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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Mothers at risk from midwife shortage as government funding fails to reach targets

Another shocking story in the Daily Mail today about how mothers aren't getting the care they need in maternity. It just horrifies me that I'm reading such news.

Although after reading earlier this year that the NHS spends £350 million on foreign born women who give birth over here, I sit here wondering how is this possible?

Why don't they just charge the foreign born mothers a fee to use the hospital services (like I would be charged if I went to America to give birth), and use that £350 million to pay for more midwives for British mothers who have paid into the system with taxes.

When you read sentences like "Almost 40,000 more babies were born in 2006 than officials at the Department of Health expected - meaning they did not plan enough capacity in the NHS." It makes me think - where are these 40,000 babies coming from? Answer - probably from the EU after we opened the floodgates.

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