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Thursday, 18 December 2008

Royal Mail - part 2

After the annoyance yesterday when I had to pay a £1 'handling fee' to Royal Mail because there was a 6p shortage on the postage of a letter they tried to deliver (when I was in!), I am happy to report that I am no longer annoyed!

I thought about this for a while yesterday (and quietly seethed at the annoyance of them charging a fee that was almost 3 times what the postage would be) - and decided to seek my revenge in a silly way that instantly made me feel better!

I walked into the sorting office with a big smile, greeted the lady behind the counter with an over polite 'Hello!' and handed over the piece of card and my ID.

Off she went to get the letter (It was a Christmas card) and came back a few minutes later saying "that will be £1.06 please".

I smiled again and pulled from my handbag a bag of change - all in pennies!

After tipping the bag upside-down on the counter, I apologised to her for not having any other cash as I watched her count all 106 of them.

Suddenly all my annoyance went away and I felt so much better. Sometimes life can be fun:)

In other news - I had to share this with you as it's just too brilliant:


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