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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The NHS are wasteful with their money

I just saw a Google link - on my own blog site that took me to an NHS choices site. I had to click the link (I know I'm not supposed to!) but I was really intruiged by the message that read:

NHS Choices on IVF
Learn all you need to know about IVF at NHS Choices site.

It took me to this page.

How annoyed was I to find that the NHS are spending money on Google adwords so that they can point people to information that is

A) out of date (Last reviewed: 10/06/2006 - Next review due: 10/12/2007)
B) Doesn't tell me anything
C) Doesn't help me get the NHS treatment promised.

So I sent them this email:

Dear NHS Choices,

I have just followed an adwords link into your site - something you will have to pay for - to get to this page:

What a load of rubbish this page is. I'm a 34 year old woman who has had to pay more than £33,000 for IVF because the NHS won't help me, so to find you are spending marketing money to get people to read this information is nothing short of disgusting to me.

Why don't you spend the money on helping women who need IVF instead?

Do you think they will bother to reply? and what a disgusting WASTE of money!!, yet another government scheme to waste taxpayers money on things that aren't important like the actual treatment itself!

You've also got to love the way the logo on the site says NHS choices, Your Health, Your choices!! LOL what a JOKE....

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