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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Crazy day again - I am the master of the multitask.

Too busy to really be writing this as today has been mad, but in the name of letting of steam, I'm taking five minutes out to vent a little!

It all started when my car wouldn't start - dead battery (again) which is annoying as Chris needed to take it to the station as I knew I was going to be in Guildford later on and he could then get home.

So instead of me being able to get up at 7am and start the day early as I have a big functional spec to write for a clients website, it meant I had to take Chris to the station, then call the AA, which meant I couldn't get showered because I'd have to wait around for him.

He turned up 20 minutes later just as I was getting going on the spec, so I spent a futher 20 minutes outside faffing around with that, then I had to take the car up to Kiwk Fit so they could replace the battery as this has happened before and I'm sure the battery was broken as I'd only driven the car last week and the battery was fine then!

So another 30 minutes gong up to kwik fit, to be told they didn't have one in, so he ordered one in for me, off I go back home.

I managed to get in a couple of hours of spec writing, in between I dealt with 3 phone calls and a knock at the door.

Back to Kwik fit later on as it arrived a couple of hours later (good service!) and on the way drop in at the post office as I had to post guitar hero to my ebay buyer - post office was closed for lunch - argh that meant another trip out later.

Waited at Kwik fit, bought a sandwich from the shop around the corner to save some time with lunch and got car sorted.

Back home to get in another couple of hours on the spec, then I had to go out again to another client to do a mini photo shoot - dropped in at the post office on the way.

When I go to the clients, which was a business I got in the lift to go up to the first floor, carrying all my gear and lights - got halfway up and the lift stopped and ALL the lights went out!! So there I stand in the pitch dark thinking "Oh this is just fucking great..."

Five minutes later the power came back on - turns out it was a power cut - I didn't have a signal in the lift so I couldn't even call someone! Did the shoot in double quick time and came home.

Got home just in time to get Chris from the station (phew saved a taxi fare!) and had KFC for tea to save more time, then the tile man turned up, and now here I sit.

Back to work for me, I have a spec to finish.....

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