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Thursday, 22 January 2009

To Matthew - It's been 2 years since we lost you x x x

It’s been two years since that day in the delivery suite
Where you were born too soon, with such tiny hands and tiny feet
It’s hard to think to the day that you died
When we lost you, our son, and both of us cried

It still feels like it happened just yesterday,
I still ask the question will the pain go away?
Your daddy and I still cry for you
Not a week goes by without one of us feeling blue

We wonder what you’d look like today
Perhaps big blue eyes, blonde hair and we’d say
How proud we are that you can now walk,
And how many words you say, now you can talk

But none of this was meant for us
Our journey continues with so much fuss
Two years on since my baby was born
24 months since you have been gone

This year we will plant a rose bush for you
To remind us to be happy, on days when we’re blue
To think of the time you were inside me and then
To smile and be happy, try to forget all the pain

We loved you then, and we love you still
It’s what keeps us strong and gives us the will
To carry on and make a brother for you
Or maybe a sister, or maybe there’s two!

But you remember my darling son
We will never forget that you were the one
That broke our hearts and made us realise
That although we never got to see your eyes

We spent a few hours holding you tight
We held on to each other all through that night
And both of us know that whatever our fears
You were worth it to us, even though there are tears.

And we’ll always be glad that you never felt pain
And one day we know we will see you again
Until then my darling we will cry tears like rain
And we will continue to pray that it won’t happen again.

You were so tiny - weighing just 1lb, born at 11.09am:

Our favourite scan picture at 11 weeks and 6 days:

The flowers we were given after you died:

Your tiny little coffin:

The box where you rest in peace now:

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Anonymous said...

My heart and thoughts are with you guys today.xxxxx