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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Saturday, 24 January 2009

In America

The flight went reasonably well, yesterday. I went from Terminal 5 which worried me a little as I hear nightmare stories about luggage getting lost still - but the terminal itself is great, very large building, light and airy and lots of shops and places to eat.

Chris stopped with me a while and we had breaksfast together before I finally passed through security and was on my way.

While I was there I bought a set of noise cancelling headphones for the flight, which turned out to be a complete waste of money as they weren't that great and they hurt my ears, so I will be attempting to return them when I get home - I hope they will take them back without the packaging as I left that in the airport back home!

The flight was OK, the food wasn't too bad, although as always I never ate it all but at least this it was lasagne so it was at least somewhat edible! I had a good seat at the front of the rows, so a nice amount of legroom to enjoy and I used my Blackberry to watch movies on as the movie choice was poor. I did attempt to watch Ghost Town (Ricky Gervais) but was so bored I switched it off halfway through!

I also watched RocknRolla in flight which was OK, kind of what I expected from a gangsta movie from Guy Ritchie really.

Getting through customs was pain free, they asked what I was doing here so I told them about the IVF and they did the usual fingerprinting and photographs and let me on through to Pat and Walt who were waiting with a Starbucks for me!!! (Heaven - thanks Walt :)

Dinner last night was a pacific clam chowder (sorry Shelly not home made so no blog updates!) and a salad which was perfect as I didn't want anything too heavy after the flight.

This morning I went to the Clinic, as I have to have a scan and a bloodtest to check on how things are going.

My Lining was 9.2mm which is perfect (they like it to be over 8) and I'll get the results of the blood tests later.

Then I have to continue with the Estrogen jabs every 3 days until transfer day and I start taking progesterone on the 29th - no more clinic visits for me now until transfer day which is the 2nd Feb.

So a nice easy one this time:)

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