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Friday, 23 January 2009

Off to America today

Yesterday was a sad day, mostly because it would have been Matthews birthday, but also because it's the last day I get to spend with Chris for the next 3 weeks.

I'm getting on the Aeroplane today (flying at 12.50!) and heading for my friends place in Annapolis, Maryland - we are going to have a fab time, but missing Chris will be a part of this so it always makes me sad.

We are such a close couple, we never fight and he makes me laugh every day. We were close before all this started, but now it's like we are two halves of one person, and not having him there with me is like losing a part of me.

I'm glad we have technology though - we both have webcams, and Skype is a wonderful tool for long distance communication, I also have my blackberry (which Orange are charging £30 for 10Mb data package while away!) so I can stay in touch wherever I am.

I did my injection this morning and will be heading for the clinic tomorrow for my next scan and blood tests, so I'll keep you all posted on here with results and progress.

I'm going to miss everyone, but you know where to find me - if I'm not on facebook (which I will be!) then I'll be on email. Don't call me on my mobile though! If you want to talk, email me and I will arrange a time to chat on Skype - that is FREE!!! mobiles are not and a £1.40 a minute I won't be calling you on my mobile either!

Keep your fingers crossed for me, we have 2 little embryos waiting and the next hurdle is to hope they both thaw nicely so that I can have 2 put back. If they don't I will be gutted, but it's a chance we have to take as Chris can't get the time off work at the moment.

Hugs to everyone x x x x

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Laurence Whiers said...

Ell lovely poem but so sad had to read in two parts have a good trip and yes snowbabes are a good name I like it Im with you

Love DADxxxx