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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Symptoms that aren't really symptoms

Another day passed, can't believe it's only day four today, I'm wishing my life away again aren't I?!!!

I'm getting a few symptoms but I don't always believe they are this early on, but for the record:

1. My boobs are really tender (but they have been since I started the progesterone three days prior to transfer).

2. I'm bloated and feel very fat right now (this could be all the Oooey Gooey cake I've eaten!) this is to be expected, again the progesterone and Estrogen tends to make you bloated.

3. My appetite has increased - I'm not sure if this is down to the good food I've been eating because I'm just eating bigger portions!

4. I'm peeing more - TMI I know (get over it! this is a baby blog!) I don't think I'm drinking any more than usual, but the frequency seems to be more often!

So there - make of it what you will - personally on day 4 of the two week wait it's too soon to tell - but that's what this two weeks are for - to drive everyone crazy wondering....

Other than all these possible symptoms - It's been a good day today, we went shopping this morning and I bought some 600 count sheets in Bed, Bath and beyond - for the first time in six years I was able to buy them in cream!!! For once I don't have to worry about having the hair dye leak onto the sheets so that was a joy to buy (it's the little things!!).

We also went to Appliance Land and looked at cooker tops for Pat as she has been cooking on 2 rings what feels like forever, so we now have a few ideas for that.

This evening we went to see Pat's daughter Erin and her family Shaun (husband) and her children Morgan and Delaney. Today is Morgans birthday - she is 5! so we went to see her at gymnastics before going out for a lovely meal.

We are going to her official birthday party tomorrow, so that will be fun!

Happy Birthday Morgan :)

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