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Thursday, 21 May 2009

First Injection today and my 500th posting!

We officially started the IVF today as I did the first 2 injections today.

I'm taking 20 units of something called Lupron, the clinic haven't informed me what this is for but I've looked it up on Google and it seems it is there to stimulate some of the hormones (either that or they think I have endometriosis! which I know I don't).

I had to take 2 shots of those today, one this morning and one this evening, I'll be doing this for the nextr week or so at least. I will start the stimming drugs (Bravelle and Menopur) in a couple of days, which means I will be having 4 injections per day!

I wasn't keen on the side effects of Lupron, so I hope I don't suffer with any of them.

I must remember to ask the Clinic about the new drugs, as I generally like to know what I'm taking and why, but my regular nurse wasn't in so I didn't think to ask about the new drugs.

We had a nice day today, again we went down to the river to watch the blue angels do their proper show today - much better than yesterday!!

I also managed to get in a little work today - it's much harder working when I'm not at home as I don't have my desktop PC with dual screens and all my home comforts - I don't like this laptop keyboard so typing on here is no fun either!

Anyway - this is my 500th Posting! I never thought I would be writing this blog for so long, I had always hoped that by now my posts would be all about the joys of being a mother - but 4 years on we are still trying.

It's been a long journey (longer for me as I knew about my infertility when I was 18) that overall for myself and Chris has lasted 7 years so far - 4 of which have been a rollercoaster of IVF treatments and failed pregnancies.

I hope by the time I get to the 600th posting I will be very much into a pregnancy and looking forward to being a parent.

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