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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Going to Miss everyone while I'm away

I've had a crazy few days, work has kept me busy most of the week, but I got to spend yesterday with Noah which was wonderful - he is such a cutie and a delight to be with, I'm going to miss him while I'm away (and his mum too!) - I know that he will have changed so much over the next 4 weeks, so Tracy had better get her Skype working! I will miss our chats so I expect to see her online!

I'm also going to miss my other friend Shelly, we talk most days on the phone - when she's not harassing me for SEO or website advice, we get to let off steam about boyfriends and husbands and how pants some guys can be! (we love them dearly though!) - so I will also miss this - although we have Skype, hers doesn't always work, and I don't get to chat daily while I'm away.

I'll miss the cats too, My big fat Mr Rash who is just like a big cuddly bear, and Squeaker who is mostly deaf but shouts a lot! I already miss Tom so it will be hard knowing he still won't be here when I get back.

My family - I don't speak to everyone as often as I should - but I thank the interwebs for Facebook - It helps me stay up to date with what everyone is doing, and they follow my rantings on here, so they can stay informed on the latest goings on in my world, when they aren't reading the drivel I write on here!

Mostly I will miss Chris. He is the light in my life that keeps me strong, He's the reason I look forward to going to bed at night for cuddles, and he's my true soul mate.

I have to go another 2 weeks without him there right next to me, which is really hard as we are constantly in touch with each other - every day. Being away doesn't stop us communicating, but I miss having his arms around me at night, and I miss him holding my hand while we sleep. I could never love, or be loved, more deeply than I do with him.

I'm looking forward to seeing Pat and Walt though - She is my other best friend (I am such a lucky girl - I have 3!) so I'm thrilled to get to see her and spend a whole month lounging in her house, eating leftovers late at night and crying over James Blunt songs. With her being so far away, I only get to see her a once or twice a year - so this is a nice treat.

I'm flying out tomorrow, today has been a blur of running around getting last minute things, and sorting my laptop out to ensure I have all the right files to take with me so I can do a bit of work while I'm away (down side to being freelance!). I hope I've sorted everything out that I needed to - if not, it's too late now and Chris will have to deal with it over the next 2 weeks!

I'll post again when I hit American soil - You can follow me on Twitter, if you want sort of live updates - and those who know me personally can find me on Facebook if you aren't already a friend.


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