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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Monday, 18 May 2009

I'm in America!

I landed safely last night after an 8 hour flight. Pat and Walt were waiting for me with a large latte coffee! We got back to their house around 9pm, we ate and I crashed!

Went to the clinic this morning for my first visit, I had a blood test, a scan and a mock embryo transfer (which is where they measure your uterus so they know where to place the embryos on transfer day).

I also saw a different nurse this morning as my regular nurse has a day off, she ran through my drug regime but sadly didn't check my protocol properly so got it wrong. It's a good job I'd already spoken with my regular nurse otherwise I'd be starting my stimming shots today - which is wrong! I'm not due to start this for a few days. So I corrected her and she apologised and wrote out a new regime. I'm still going to check with my regular nurse to ensure what I have now is correct.

I've also just had a call from the Pharmacy - I had to pay for the drugs today which is a charge of just over $2400 (£1500), the credit card company put a security stop on my card - even though I did as they said and called them in advance to tell them i'd be in America for a month!!

Can you see why I rage sometimes?? Why is nothing simple? In a short while I have to call Blackberry support because the wifi isn't working on my phone properly.

I just want an easy life.....

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