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Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Quiet Day

Really not much to report on today as it was a lovely quiet Saturday. I got up at 8am to do my shots, which hurt this morning (and this evening!) as the Stiming drugs much have something in them that makes them sting as you are pushing the plunger on the syringe, so that was unpleasant.

I must ask the clinic why they have me taking 8 vials this time, it seems a little excessive as usually I have a max of 6 - We usually do well on getting eggs so I wonder why they feel the need to push me to the limit.

I went back to bed this morning as I was really tired and slept till noon! when I finally dragged my lazy self out of bed, we went out to the garden centre to get some fish for Pat and Walt's pond.

We also went to Quiznos for lunch which was tasty as they toast their bread!

This afternoon we just sat and read books. I'm reading Twilight - which is now a movie, so far the book is really good, so I'll watch the movie when I'm done :)

I love a good Vampire story!

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