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Saturday, 13 June 2009

OMG I'm pregnant!!!

Yes it's true - and it's early and I'm terrified, excited, nervous, impatient and thrilled all at once!

We are 7 days into the 2 week wait - so we are a week early - so I'm still treading with much caution but we first did a peestick test 3 days ago and got a feint line, unsure if this was a positive or the leftovers of the trigger shot we waited and tested again yesterday and again today.

Yesterdays test also came up positive, so I asked the clinic if I could do a blood test as we are going home tomorrow and getting blood tests in the UK isn't as easy as it is here at my clinic (plus I get results the same day here and it takes 3 days in the UK!).

I went in this morning and did another blood test - and waited impatiently all day to see what they said.

We got the call this afternoon, and the lady at the clinic confirmed that my HCG level today is 68.8 - this makes me officially pregnant!

We are going to do another test tomorrow - just to be sure the levels are rising (even though they only rise by 66% every 2 days) but it will be nice to confirm this for sure.

But until then - I'm thrilled - I'm pregnant!

Hurdle 2 complete :)


Anonymous said...

May I be the first to congratulate you, we were pg at the same time when you had Mathew on FF....I am so so so pleased to read your news! ENJOY! Vix x x x

anita said...

Fingers crossed for tommorow.We are delighted with your news today. I cry everytime I think about it (with joy of course) We have 3 grandsons a little girl would be nice, althought either sex would be fantanstic.Love you both
Mum & Dad

Rich said...

Cool, that is really great news, really pleased for you both.

Anonymous said...


One minute at a time.... Please, little Russell, stay on board.

I must confess I nearly fell off the sofa when I read your news. I inhaled so deeply I think I cut off circulation to my brain! But it was all in a very good cause.

Hope you get this message before you fly home. When you get on the plane, think of the future, and give yourselves a pat on the back for making such determined and unstoppable efforts to make your family. I admire you both deeply. You are very strong. If strength were rewarded, you'd have everything by now.

I am truly delighted, Elly.

I'll be thinking of you and Chris, and the little tiddler, as you cross the pond.

Much love,

Jane and family (in Vancouver)

anita said...

I am still crying|

Vickie said...

I am so thrilled for you Elly that I am actually crying. You and Chris are going to make such excellent parents and I bet Matthew is looking down so happily at you all.